About the Summer School

The Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts is, in its conception and organization, the continuation of and complementary to the Summer School in the Study of Old Books that was held in Zadar in 2009. The main organizer of this School is Department of Library and Information Science of the University of Zadar, while the co-organizers are University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, History Department, and Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Vestigia – Manuscript Research Centre, Austria.

The main goal of the Summer School is to acquaint participants with the latest developments and newly emerged concepts in the fields of: historical method and epistemology, research in historical manuscripts; bibliographic information organization and its relation to the archival context; conservation and preservation; and to provide practical introduction to historical collection management with contemporary approaches to digitalization. The Summer School also aims to provide participants with insight into current research of Croatian, as well as of other historical manuscripts in the region, and to raise their awareness of rich and technologically advanced research information sources, e.g., the CERL Portal for cross-searching catalogues of European manuscripts and early printed materials.

The Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts targets Croatian and international PhD students studying in the fields of: history of book and historical manuscripts, library and information sciences, archival studies, preservation and conservation studies, and cultural heritage studies. The form of the Summer School will allow students to actively participate in discussions after the lectures, choose a topic of interest among lectures presented during sessions, and elaborate it with the lecturer within afternoon Group Work sessions, which will run in parallel. By putting together the curriculum based on their own interest, the students will thus have the additional opportunity to prepare material for their essay. The essay will be marked by the professor in the chosen field. Students will receive appropriate ECTS for attendance, and extra ECTS for submitting the essay.

A PhD Forum open primarily to PhD students will be organized as part of the Summer School. All doctoral students will be welcome to submit research proposals, and will be selected to enroll based on the quality of the proposal and the potential benefit from participating at the forum.

The Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts is directly interconnected with the PhD Programme Knowledge Society and Information Transfer of the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Zadar, as well as with the Research Project Written Heritage in the Digital Environment. It can also be interconnected with the annual international seminar Archives, Libraries, Museums: Possibilities of Co-operation within the Environment of Global Information Infrastructure (Rovinj-Poreč, Istria, Croatia, since 1997).

The proceedings of the Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts will be published by the University of Zadar, Department of Library and Information Science.

The Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts is funded by Croatian Science Foundation.

Should you require any further information please contact Marijana Tomić at mtomic@unizd.hr .


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