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The Summer School in User studies (SSUS) is directly interconnected with the PhD Programme Knowledge Society and Information Transfer of the Department of Information Sciences, University of Zadar. It targets Croatian and international Ph.D. students studying the fields of theories and studies of information needs and use, and reading and learning concepts and strategies in the digital environment.

The main goal of the Summer School is to acquaint participants with the most recent research and developments and newly emerged concepts in the fields of users information behavior, learning and education in the digital age, information literacy theories and concepts, and reading paradigms.
The program is organised around three sub-themes: Users information behaviour, Literacy and reading in the digital environment, and Learning and education in the digital age.
The students will actively participate in discussions after the lectures, choose a topic of interest among lectures presented during morning sessions, and elaborate it with the lecturer within afternoon group work sessions. Students will have the opportunity to prepare material for their essay. The essay will be marked by the professor in the chosen field. Students will receive appropriate ECTS for attendance, and extra ECTS for submitting the essay.

A PhD Forum open primarily to PhD students will be organized as part of the Summer School.It is an opportunity for students to discuss their thesis research plans with distinguished professors. All doctoral students will be welcome to submit research proposals, and will be selected based on the quality of the proposal and the potential benefit of the participation at the forum.

The proceedings of the Summer School in User Studies will be published by the University of Zadar, Department of Information Sciences.


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