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The doctoral Program in Information Science: Society of knowledge and transfer of information was accredited by the Minister of Science, Education and Sports…based on the elaborated curriculum Proposal. In this Proposal it is emphasized that  “a greater number of social science PhDs in the field of Information Science and other related fields is needed in order to enhance performance quality of academic programs, in accordance to the shift in the European Higher Education (Bologna Process) and of scientific research in Information Science and interdisciplinary research where the segment of organizing, transmission and preservation of information is of high importance.”

Summer School in Publishing

Summer School in Publishing

One of the modules of this program is dedicated to the research of issues in the area of​​ change management in publishing and bookselling (three courses: Socio-cultural aspects of publishing and bookselling, Economics of Publishing, and Marketing Strategies in publishing and bookselling).

In order to provide our students with the best possible education and enable them to meet the top experts in the field of publishing and bookselling, to exchange ideas with recognized experts from practice and the authors of literary, scientific and popular texts, we organized the School of publishing and bookselling, where we gather top Croatian and international experts, encourage students to discuss and choose appropriate and socially beneficial research topics. We hope the Summer School will contribute to:

  • - Improving the educational structure of publishers and booksellers through significant academic programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • - Creating a core of young scientists who will direct academic programs and research projects in Information and Communication Sciences, publishing branch.
  • - Strengthening the practice of production and distribution of books in profit and nonprofit sectors
  • - Involvement in Croatian and European interdisciplinary projects related to the phenomenon of creation, production and distribution of books, reading, interpretation and use of text  and the use of books in all aspects of life.

prof. dr. sc. Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić

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