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Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Belief in a just world and on-line piracy: Gigapedia case Abstract
Josip Ćirić, Domagoj Volarević
Vol 13 (2014): ASSESSING LIBRARIES AND LIBRARY USERS AND USE BibEval - A framework for usability evaluations of online library services Abstract   PRESENTATION |   PAPER
Thomas Weinhold, Bernard Bekavac, Sonja Hamann
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Bibliographic Data on the Web of Data or from UNIMARC Record to RDF Graph Abstract   Paper
Predrag Perožić
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Bibliometric services as a research support services in academic and research libraries Abstract
Jadranka Stojanovski, Bojan Macan
Vol 13 (2014): ASSESSING LIBRARIES AND LIBRARY USERS AND USE Big data does not equal big picture Details   PRESENTATION
Elke Greifeneder
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Building a Lexicographic Infrastructure for Serbian Digital Libraries Abstract   Paper
Natalia Ermolaev, Toma Tasovac
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Can be library instruction entertainment? Abstract   Paper
Dejana Golenko, Evgenia Arh
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Can Research help Education in Digital Libraries? Abstract
Anna Maria Tammaro, Vittore Casarosa, Christine Borgman, Lynn Silipnigni Connaway, Donatella Castelli, Marie Radford
Vol 13 (2014): ASSESSING LIBRARIES AND LIBRARY USERS AND USE Challenges of globalized evaluation practices in the context of semi-peripheral and localized knowledge production Details   PRESENTATION
Marija Brajdić Vuković
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Change: Opportunity or Threat for Reference Services in the Digital Age Abstract   Presentation
Eileen G. Abels
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Changes in Academic Libraries: Evolution and Innovation in Research Support Services Abstract   Paper   Poster
Sheila Corrall, Mary Anne Kennan, Waseem Afzal
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Changes in library standards : Statistics and Evaluation as Mirror of Library Innovations Abstract   Paper   Presentation
Roswitha Poll
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Changes in the world of library services: evolution of e-services into m-services Abstract   Paper
Anita Papić, Ivana Čadovska, Tihomir Vranješ
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Closing panel – Theme II Abstract
Liz Lyon, Alyssa Goodman, Herbert van de Sompel, Christine Borgman
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Collaborating for Student Success: A Model for Librarian Embedding in Faculty Blackboard Courses Abstract   HTML   Paper   Presentation
Judy Xiao
Vol 13 (2014): ASSESSING LIBRARIES AND LIBRARY USERS AND USE Collaborative information use by high school students in a digital learning environment: Connecting metatheory, theoretical frameworks and methodology Abstract   PRESENTATION |   PAPER
Ross Todd, Punit Dadlani
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Conceptualising the Library Collection for the Digital World: a Case Study of Social Enterprise Abstract   Paper
Angharad Roberts
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Creating Digital Content for Library Services: A Global View on LIS Curriculum Design Abstract   Presentation   Presentation (Miwa)   Presentation (Brown)
Ron Brown, Hsin-Liang Chen, Ana Dubnjakovic, Samantha Hastings, Makiko Miwa, Yin-Leng Theng
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Croatian Web Archive : thematic harvesting on National Election for Parliament & Referendum on European Union membership Abstract   Paper
Karolina Holub, Ingeborg Rudomino
Vol 13 (2014): ASSESSING LIBRARIES AND LIBRARY USERS AND USE Digital Library assessment through multiple measures Abstract   PRESENTATION |   PAPER
Melissa Lamont
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Digitisation of Information Resources and Changes in the Worlds of Librarians, Archivists and Museum Professionals Abstract   Paper
Isto Huvila
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Documents in Transit Abstract   Paper
Lars Björk
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" E-books, e-audio and public libraries: Is it lift off or steady as she goes? Abstract   Paper
Robert Pymm, Sarah Steed, Matthew Burless
Vol 13 (2014): ASSESSING LIBRARIES AND LIBRARY USERS AND USE ELDORADO project : a major upgrade of digital library services in Hungary Abstract
András Simon
Vol 12 (2012): LIDA 2012 - "Changes" Evaluating the role of web-based tutorials in educational practice: using interpretative repertoires and meaning negotiation in a two step analysis Abstract   Paper   Presentation
Camilla Moring, Trine Schreiber
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