Archiving the web editions of Croatian national newspapers – Slobodna Dalmacija readers' comments

Mirko Duić


As one of the Legal deposit libraries in Croatia, National and University Library (NUL) in Zagreb is archiving web editions of major national newspapers. Except the NUL no other library or archiving institution in Croatia is involved in archiving of this content. The objective of this poster was to investigate how many web newspaper articles and their readers' comments in “Slobodna Dalmacija” national newspaper have been preserved or lost due to the existing system of archiving. I have compared two web sites which contain old issues of national newspaper „Slobodna Dalmacija“: NUL web site and „Slobodna Dalmacija“ newspaper web site. By comparing number of articles and readers' comments archived in a period of one month in heading “Šibenik” of “Slobodna Dalmacija” newspaper it was found out that archiving situation at these two web sites is very problematic because great majority of online content of the “Slobodna Dalmacija” newspaper is not archived. To determine value of readers’ comments from 60 articles published in above-mentioned period I analyzed these readers’ comments using following elements: furthering knowledge; article evaluation; journalist evaluation; readers’ discussion; engagement call; various elements; advertisement; web links; insults. It was found out that there are considerable amount of valuable readers’ comments which aren’t archived. The purpose of this research is to direct attention to the need of the more comprehensive archiving of web editions of national newspapers by the NUL or any other library/archiving institution.

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