Changes in the world of library services: evolution of e-services into m-services

Anita Papić, Ivana Čadovska, Tihomir Vranješ


This paper gives classification of existing m-services in world's famous libraries according to review of the recent literature and also a brief research about users review on m-services in Croatian libraries. Information revolution is currently focused on information access through mobile platforms. Namely, because of rapid development of mobile technology in this wireless wired world it is crucial to bring information to user's palm not only into user's home. According to literature review libraries in the world assure wide range of m-services such as SMS alerts (about working hours, news, events etc.), m-tutorials, mobile audio/virtual tour of building, mobile/virtual clips (podcasts), m-GPS (Global Positioning System), mobile online catalog (MOPAC), mobile databases, m-service ‘Ask a librarian!’, m-services for reservation, mobile Skype etc. Although development of m-services is very expensive in that way libraries could promote existing services or even use opportunities of mobile technology to offer new and innovative services and attract new users. Difficulties in development of library m-services are mostly gathered around interoperability and usability issues. Fragmentation of mobile platforms, mobile operative systems and browsers cause interoperability problems while problems dealing usability concern limits as small size of mobile phone, resolution or possibilities of user's data input. Croatian libraries have not yet recognized the value of mservices, so the research in a brief survey sought to examine the users opinion on this type of library services and implementation capabilities in local libraries.

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