Can be library instruction entertainment?

Dejana Golenko, Evgenia Arh


Librarians at universities should teach new generation of students (digital natives) not only how to find information in the library, but how to use it, learn to evaluate it and to think criticaly. In addition they need to follow trends in education, working closely with faculty staff and students, adapting their work and information services in accordance with those changes.
Librarians in world's academic libraries use different forms of educational methods in teaching information literacy to students, for example Cephalonian, ,   Library Bingo  and Library Jeopardy. What is the situation at Croatian universities? Which are the ways librarians can conduct training of students in higher education? How to make it interesting, entertaining, interactive and effective? How to motivate and interest students for the information literacy programs? Which methods and learning techniques can be used considering the needs of students?
The answers to these questions will be obtained through a pilot study which authors will conduct with the students Faculty of Law University of Rijeka. The pilot study will be implemented through the following steps:1. Selecting students with the same level of knowledge - initial testing2. Dividing of selected students in two random groups3. Implementation of training in the field of information literacy using classical method in one group, while Cephalonian method, Library Bingo and Library Jeopardy method will be used in second group.4. Evaluation of conducted education through qualitative method of survey.The expected results of the pilot study are to determine how to plan and organize wider research study to be applied at university level which aim is to organize the library and information services in order to increase interest of students for Information literacy programs. 

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