Subject indexing of articles from LIDA proceedings using ASIS&T Thesaurus

Ivana Tanfara, Drahomira Gavranović


The subject of this poster is subject indexing of papers from the LIDA proceedings using ASIS&T thesaurus (3rd edition). Purpose of the poster is to explore the ability of applying indexing terms from the ASIS&T thesaurus on chosen corpus of papers from the LIDA conference proceedings in order to improve subject indexing and retrieval. The research questions are: 1.) to test sufficiency of current version of ASIS&T thesaurus for subject indexing of LIDA conference papers; 2) to explore if indexing terms (descriptors) from ASIS&T thesaurus can express subject coverage of the papers; 3) to propose ASIS&T thesaurus to be updated with new terms (descriptors) concerning “digital” and “digital libraries” and descriptors around those concepts. The beginning hypothesis is that the ASIS&T thesaurus has not full coverage of subjects represented

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