Grey literature from hidden to visible

Petra Pejšová


Grey literature is known as unpublished or semi-published literature, which are primarily research reports, conference materials, university theses and other. Only little percentage of information from these documents are officialy published in journals and monographs. Grey literature deserves attention for its rich content for research and education. Grey literature is an instrument for changes. Electronic form of documents greatly increased possibilities to collect and access grey literature. What discriminated grey literature in traditional paper form – low number of copies, hard to acquire - does not apply to digital born documents. Digital repositories, Open Access, open licenses are tools working for including grey literature into library services. Workshop will introduce current international activities and research in the field of grey literature. Workshop will help participants to explore challenges how to include grey literature in their research and education process. During workshop will be used as an example the Czech National Repository of Grey Literature. Workshop will be a mix of formal presentation and informal discussion.

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