Conceptualising the Library Collection for the Digital World: a Case Study of Social Enterprise

Angharad Roberts


PhD Forum – sponsored by ASIST This paper provides a description of a doctoral research project, supported and funded by the British Library. The project aims to use a case study of library collections for the relatively new field of social enterprise, which can be summarized as business with a social purpose, to develop a conceptual approach to the library collection in the digital world, addressing the question “What constitutes the concept of the library collection in the digital world?”. The project builds on earlier work involving the British Library’s collection for social enterprise. Previous studies relating to the concept of the library collection are summarized and the research aims and research questions, together with the mixed-methods methodology adopted for the project, are described. Significant progress has already been made in this research and some initial findings are outlined. The project began in October 2010 and is due to conclude in September 2013.

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