Various aspects of metadata structuring and the business logic characteristics of ILS. The highest level of unification job of segmentation and integration data processes by an ILS application Qulto

András Simon


The possibility to evaluate the different features of usage and transferring of library documents is necessary related to the development of library services and in order to form acquisition plans. Furthermore document evaluation is also a regular demand of library owners and other stakeholders that responsible to the sustainable operation of libraries, to operate their institutions in a cost-effective way. As major actors of the constantly changing Information Universe, libraries has to persuade their communities that they can offer real answers to the questions of the challenges of document transfer and usage referring into the future.

Within Central Europe Hungary culturally a little bit isolated because of the very special language. A further challenge is the really polarized society with digital analphabets and highly educated people, apart with a relatively thin digital middle class. Extremely important to determine exactly the real role of the Hungarian libraries in the modern information society through these social conditions.
Our integrated software tool have planned definitely to serve the Hungarian librarians that can get helpful and exact reflections directed to their daily professional activities. Furthermore several evaluation output options are available about each kind of user-based and professional librarian system activity. Evaluation feedbacks can be useful tools in order to communicate with the vendor and also with the user community in order to further develop the library service portfolio.

Our software solution is an integrated library system. It contains catalogue, acquisition, loan, and OPAC modules in the same environment. Each element of the catalogue record can be used to specify the loan statistics. Even the metadata system has constructed concerning to the demands of the libraries to prepare various outputs of statistics. Evaluation reports and statistics can be built on any kind of bibliographic data that stored in separated data fields, also through splitting the metadata string up to the MARC subfields. These kind of broad data segmentation options offer the opportunity to let the reporting of the ILD database using the most various combination of loan bibliographic and acquisition data.



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