ELDORADO project : a major upgrade of digital library services in Hungary

András Simon


Hungarian libraries have just formed a consortium that led by the National Széchényi Library (NSZL). This consortium is maintaining a project called ELDORADO that provides a new service model and infrastructure environment in digital library field. Our company Monguz Ltd is the main system developer partner, focusing on the building of the whole hardware and software architecture and infrastructure of the project.
The main scope of the project can be set by the following objectives:
1. Providing digital access for library holdings regardless of their copyright or digitization status. It occurs a large set of on-demand digitisation activities, the registration of digital documents that have digitized already in different libraries in a common single service environment. Also there is a major aim to collect born-digital documents. These activities have coordinated by a library consortium in partnership with all the relevant stakeholders on the related fields.
2. Offering equal and remote access to digital information to all Hungarian citizens and in a broader sense to all Hungarian-speaking people regardless their geographical location.
3. Digital access must include a large set of copyrighted materials, orphan works and public domain documents as well
4. A major goal (through new collaboration forms with publishers and other related copyright stakeholders) is to re-publish out-of commerce works in digital format.
5. The project, through the goals described above, includes collection, preservation and publication activities together in a single service environment.


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