Assessing Educational Research – An Information Service for Monitoring a Heterogeneous Research Field

Karima Haddou-Ou-Moussa, Ute Sondergeld, Philipp Mayr, Peter Mutschke, Marc Rittberger


The paper presents a web prototype that visualises different characteristics of research projects in the heterogeneous domain of educational research. The concept of the application derives from the project “Monitoring Educational Research” (MoBi) that aims at identifying and implementing indicators that adequately describe structural properties and dynamics of the research field. The prototype enables users to visualise data regarding different indicators, e.g. “research activity”, “funding”, “qualification project”, “disciplinary area”. Since the application is based on Semantic MediaWiki technology it furthermore provides an easily accessible opportunity to collaboratively work on a database of research projects. Users can jointly and in a semantically controlled way enter metadata on research projects which are the basis for the computation and visualisation of indicators.


Keywords: research project, indicator; semantic MediaWiki, visualisation; research monitoring



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