Project methodology in subject-based knowledge organization: Experiences from the UK

Koraljka Golub


Project management may involve a wide variety of methodologies depending on numerous factors such as sponsors, scope, stakeholders etc. This particular workshop will draw on experience from three research projects in the area of subject-based knowledge organization, all with the same funder (JISC – Joint Information Systems Committee) but different scopes and deliverables, stakeholders, time frame and international project teams. It will discuss various components of project management such as planning, catering for the funder/stakeholder needs and requirements, communication, delivering on time etc. This will include writing project documentation such as proposals, progress and final reports as well as project-specific deliverables. The workshop will draw on theories of project management as applied to the three specific research projects. While the projects are in the same broad subject area of knowledge organization, it aims to demonstrate general research-project methodology.



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