Reading in print and digital environment

Mate Juric


Due to the increased availability of devices that allow reading from the screen, the doctoral thesis investigates if there are differences in the quality of reading a scholarly and a literary text, specifically in reading comprehension and satisfaction in print and digital environment. The study will include undergraduate students of the University of Zadar. Research questions are to determine whether there are: differences in the reading satisfaction and reading comprehension with regard to the reading environment: on paper and on the LCD computer screen; differences in reading habits, reading satisfaction and reading comprehension in two reading environments with regard to some personal characteristics of the respondents (gender, personality traits and intelligence); an interactive effect of personal characteristics and reading environment on these dependent variables: reading habits, satisfaction and comprehension; and are there differences in reading habits among respondents who read from the screen and those who do not read the screen? Methods used are experimental design combined with a correlational study. Analysis of results includes multivariate statistical analysis in order to test research hypothesis. Findings will upgrade existing theoretical point of view related to reading habits in the digital and print environment, which are a key element of lifelong learning and the development of a knowledge society.



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