Application of qualitative methods in researching academic library users: Some practical experience

Dejana Golenko


Considering constant and rapid development of information technologies as well as changes in academic education, information literacy (IL) programs have become a necessity in academic institutions, including Croatian Law Faculties. Librarians at the law faculties have to instruct users in searching, using and evaluating information sources through various programs, while considering the specific aspects in the field of law. However, for a successful implementation and creation of an IL programs, librarians need to understand the information behaviour of their users and the context of the institution in order to best create and adapt these programs to their information needs.

On the basis of the specific research experience, we will try to determine to what extent the used methods are agreeable and whether the "sensitivity" of instruments is appropriate to obtain data for research of information behaviour of users and do they enable us the understanding of the deeper context of the afore mentioned phenomena.


Keywords: application of qualitative methods, research of the user competences, academic library



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