How often student graded papers are used in creating new student papers?

Narcisa Rastoder, Biserka Sabljaković


Poster presentation is a result of monitoring and analysis of using student graded works (final papers of I and II cycle, master theses and dissertations) in the library in creating new student papers. The aim of the research was to determine how often new student papers at School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo (SEBS) list in the literature used graded student papers. Here is presented the number of student papers defended by the end of 2013  in relation to the number of used graded works in accordance with copyright protection. Through its training program "COBISS, databases and information literacy" library draws attention to ethics in academic writing. Content of the training program has been enriched by continuous changes based on conducting regular surveys to monitor and identify the real needs of university library users and improve their skills in information sources citing.


Keywords: student papers, citing, referencing, library users, academic writing



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