Library collections availability in online environment though processing user requests: case study in the Croatian State Archives Library

Alisa Martek, Snježana Šute


This paper will show the percentage of use of library materials through processing user requests in the reading room of the Croatian State Archive, CSA. Based on the processing users' requirements, according to the tracked requested library materials, the priorities in selecting library materials for the further process of digitizing the purpose of preventive care and also the rapid availability of the same in using online will be emphasized. The CSA Library successfully participate, according to the principles of representation of library materials in custom purposes, through the work of archive staff themselves, as well through the work of users of archives. Aim is to improve its primary activity through stronger promotion of content, services and activities of the CSA Library, but also within the Archives. In this poster we will emphasize the purpose of the efforts CSA Library to special archive libraries materials recognize as conclusive source of information, and thus show the inevitable need for the same to researchers - users in their research and archivists in the archival materials arranging.

Aspiring towards the final goal of a large number of users, the aim of this poster is to show a tendency for updating and modernizing the provision of rapid and necessary information in the parameters of today's "Internet" generation.

This poster wants to give a brief insight into the process of digitizing library materials, in order to facilitate access to the most requested items according to the records of user requirements of users in the reading room, and present the five-year period (2008-2013), the need for defining priorities in facilitating access to library materials online form diverse range of users.


Keywords: library collections, user requests, Croatian State Archives Library



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