The extent of Academic Library Services support to E-Learning

Tamara Krajna, Andreja Tominac


Teaching at the academic level is rapidly changing because of the strong influence of the ICT on all aspects of life, especially in the way in which we communicate and learn. E-learning is one of the most promising and rapidly growing aspects of the information society nowadays. Education at all levels, but particularly at the academic level, is considered incomplete without e-learning and e-learning is unthinkable without information literacy.

In this new environment the role of academic libraries is to redesign library services and introduce several innovative services to promote information literacy and e-learning. Academic libraries today have multiple roles and over the years have implemented numerous related operations and services. This has inevitably led to the expansion of support to e-learning. However, their fundamental purpose, i.e. provision of access to trustworthy and authoritative knowledge, has remained the same.

All the resources in the digital library should be browsed and searched as a large repository of multimedia contents which uses structured metadata for the syntactic and semantic description of all the resources.



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