Quantitative and qualitative methods applied to comparative student reading habits and book buying research in Croatia, Italy and China

Alessandro Gandolfo, Mate Juric, Srećko Jelušić


The objective of this poster is to present the methodology and results of an investigation in progress. The aim of this research is to analyze the main aspects of the reading habits and book purchasing behaviour of university students. In the past, numerous studies on reading behaviour have been carried out which involved individual countries and Europe as a whole. These studies allowed us to define the general framework of this phenomenon and to distinguish readers based on age, place of residence, gender, occupation and other socio-demographic variables.

The authors will present a theoretical framework and the outcomes of a comparative study conducted at the University of Pisa, Italy, the University of Zadar, Croatia and the University of Nanking, China.

Keywords: quantitative methods, qualitative methods, reading habits, book buying, university students



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