Using Citation Checking of Ph. D. Dissertation References as a Tool for Evaluating Library Collections of the National and University Library in Zagreb

Kristina Romić, Gornaka Mitrović


To identify how the library´s collection is being used is important to evaluate the library and to facilitate decision-making. Collection assessment can be provided by library collection usage study (mainly circulation data) or by user survey as a method of quantitative data collection. Another method is to check library holdings against standard bibliographies. In order to evaluate the collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb, this research, has chosen the citation analysis technique. Citation checking is a time-consuming and in-depth approach for determining the usefulness of libraries' collection to support research. By citation we implicitly mean a bibliographical entry in a footnote, reference list, or bibliography of a document that contains enough information (e.g., author, title, publisher, or journal title) to verify the original item. Citation checking of scholarly (research) documents and comparison of those citations against  the availability of materials in a Library collection offers an unobtrusive method of evaluation of the collection`s ability to support research.


Keywords: citation analysis, dissertations, users, National and University Library in Zagreb, collection evaluation



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