Scholarly and social visibility of top hundred most cited articles affiliated by Croatian authors in Scopus

Dina Vrkić


Altmetric for Scopus launched in 2012 is a powerful third party web application that runs within the sidebar of Scopus article and abstract pages. It is a quick and easy way to see all of the social or mainstream media mentions gathered for a particular paper as well as reader counts on popular reference managers. Current researches are focused on proposing various methods for evolution of data in altmetrics while working on big datasets and comparing altmetrics values with article citation counts . Previous studies indicate that there is a significant positive correlation between different altmetrics indicators and citations. The main purpose of this study is to analysis and determines usage and quality of Altmetric for Scopus, especially Mendeley and CiteULike altmetrics application data.
This study was conducted on the top hundred most cited articles affiliated by Croatian authors in Scopus bibliographic database in the period from January 1, 2012 to August 30, 2013. The results indicated that only 69 papers had aggregated Altmetric for Scopus application data. Although the sample size was unexpectedly small, the statistical analysis confirms statistically significant correlation between the altmetric score (composed of all available altmetrics indicators) and citations counts. Surprisingly, lack of altmetrics data was found in 31 articles. The method used to determine existence and problem of 31 omitted papers on social networks, was to manually check the altmetrics data through reader counts on reference managers Mendeley and CiteULike. The results showed that 18 papers had a significant number of readers, and 13 papers had none. The study showed that the application did not harvest data from those bookmarking/references managers. Altmetric for Scopus is a new application; the limitation of this application is that currently cannot harvest data in real time which is necessary in monitoring social media activity. The problem of data quality and provenance will take some time to adapt to these massive and hourly new incomes of fresh data sets into application. The findings suggest that the usage of Altmetric for Scopus has high potential for informing researchers, but still needs to be considered with caution.



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