Altmetrics – new metrics and its application in Croatia

Lovela Machala Poplašen, Lana Zrnić


Social media is creating new ways of communication in the academic environment. More and more scholars read, share and discuss topics using “non traditional” modes of communication (blogs, social networks, twitter). We find this useful and very engaging because an author can publish interesting research results in article and discuss his findings in e.g. a blog, so other can see his post, look up the article and cite it. This can increase the impact of the article by being cited by other authors and thus increase the IF of the journal.

To monitor and rate the progress of science, the Croatian academic community has been using bibliometrics. Some of the criteria for evaluating academic achievement (with minor variations in different fields of science) are: a) publishing in journals which are indexed in Current Contents, Science Citation Index, SCI – Expanded; b) publishing in journals included in other relevant databases ; c) publishing in journals with an IF > 1, etc.

By analyzing the basic services provided in academic libraries, which are directly incorporated in the academic environment, and the criteria set forth in the Regulations for academic advancement in Croatia (applied from 1 January, 2006), this poster will try to answer: In which way could altmetrics contribute in tracking citations of Croatian authors via social networks? Our goal with this poster is to contribute to the raising of the awareness of the academic community about the value of new methods as a preface for more research in the future. Libraries and institutions should be looking for new and more relevant ways of measuring the authors' impact, and the impact of their work in the scientific community.


Keywords: bibliometrics, altmetrics, croatian academic libraries



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