Quality school library – how do we find out?

Polona Vilar, Ivanka Stričević


School libraries are agents of current education and an essentialpartof development of future life-long competences. In order to evaluate the work of school libraries, we need to establish criteria which take into account all factors affecting their quality. Center for International Scholarship and School Libraries (CISSL) at Rutgers University (USA) has developed a model of quality school library. From the point of viewof our paper, which is of methodological nature, the essential part is the development of the methodology which resulted in the model and to see how this methodology can be applied in researching the quality of school libraries in two neighboring countries, Slovenia and Croatia, where school libraries have until 1991 developed according to the same standards, guidelines and regulations, but followed different paths since then. Therefore, in the paper we discuss methodological issues related to identification of the sample of good school libraries and the possibilities of testing the CISSL model of quality school library in the two countries. We expect that the research and use of the CISSL methodology in two countries in question provide findings on possible futire research also in other countries.

Keywords: school libraries, Slovenia, Croatia, qualitative research, methodology



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