LIS Students Seeking Information for Their Final Papers: Small-Scale Study at The Faculty of Philosophy In Osijek

Sanjica Faletar Tanackovic, Darko Lacovic


The paper focuses on information seeking behavior of library and information science students related to their process of scholarly activities. The study will investigate the ways in which LIS students at the Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, Croatia, seek and utilize information for their final papers. In the first phase of the study, authors will, using quantitative methodology, analyse reference lists of students' final papers written in 2010 and find answers to the following research questions: How many sources did students on avarage use? What types of information sources (print, online) and what types of publications (monographs, journal articles, conference proceedings, grey literature etc.) did students use? What was the avarage age and the predominant language of the publications/sources used? In the second phase of the study, in-depth interviews with LIS students who finished their final papers in 2010 will be carried out. Qualitative data gathered in face-to-face interviews with students will provide deeper understanding of the respondents information seeking experiences and influences on their information behavior. Qualitative research will describe the respondents' information pathways (sequence of information sources used) and the selection criteria. It will also explain what role do the people (teachers, librarians, peers), Internet and academic library have on their information-seeking behavior.Research results will provide LIS teachers and librarians at the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek with data that can help them in re-evaluation of their instructional program (e.g. in information literacy) and provision of library resources and services.

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