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2012 Algorithm Engineering with Clojure Abstract   PDF
Gunnar Völkel, Johann M. Kraus, Hans A. Kestler
2012 An iterative method to solve overdetermined systems of nonlinear equations applied to the restitution of planimetric measurements Abstract   PDF
Giovanni Anzani
2012 Doplus, the high-level, Lispy, extensible iteration construct (lightning talk) Abstract   PDF
Alessio Stalla
2012 Embedded probabilistic programming in Clojure Abstract   PDF
Nils Bertschinger
2012 Generic Image Processing with Climb (demonstration proposal) Abstract   PDF
Laurent Senta, Christopher Chedeau, Didier Verna
2012 Java interop with ABCL, a practical example (demonstration) Abstract   PDF
Alessio Stalla
2012 Object enumeration Abstract   PDF
Irène Anne Durand
2012 QueryFS, a virtual filesystem based on queries, and related tools Abstract   PDF
Mikhail Raskin
2012 Scheme in Industrial Automation Abstract   PDF
Marco Benelli
2012 Using Clojure in Linguistic Computing Abstract   PDF
Zoltan Varju, Richard Littauer, Peteris Ernis
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ISSN/ISBN: 9789533310183