5th European Lisp Symposium

April 30th and May 1st @ the University of Zadar, Croatia

Feedback – with pure function(s)

Author: crhodes
“A very good conference; a big thank you to Franjo Pehar and Damir Kero, and the University of Zadar, for being such excellent hosts; it’s been a great three days.”
Author: Juanjo
“I would like to thank the ELS organizers and steering committee for a wonderful meeting in Zadar. Great location, amazing food, and even better discussions.”
Author: Irene Durand
… very positive of course :-) Some photos of Zadar!
Author: Sina Kazmaier
Author: raskin AT mccme DOT ru

Thanks for everything, it was very nice and very well organised.

It is a good sign when my biggest organisational problem with the conference was finding any browser that would be able to display the feedback form, actually.

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